Groupby 2021



GroupBy May 2021 Schedule

GroupBy Americas - May 25

13:30 UTC

GroupBy Keynote: SQL Edge to Cloud (on Dev&BI Track) — Anna Hoffman

14:30 UTC
Learn to Effectively Use Extended Events — Grant Fritchey
Which Azure SQL Database Options Should I choose - Jes Schultz
16:00 UTC
How to Audit SQL Server for Free — Josephine Bush
Notebooks, PowerShell and Excel Automation — Rob Sewell
17:30 UTC

SolarWinds Presents:
Tales from the Performance Monitoring Trenches — Andy Yun and Devon Wilson

T-SQL User-Defined Functions, or: How to kill performance in one, easy step — Hugo Kornelis
18:15 . UTC

PureStorage Presents:
Solving Data Protection and Recovery Challenges for SQL Server Databases — Argenis Fernandez

T-SQL User-Defined Functions, or: How to kill performance in one, easy step (continued) — Hugo Kornelis
19:00 UTC
Myths and Misconceptions about Locking and Blocking — Klaus Aschenbrenner
Are you drunk SQL Server? Where did that estimate come from? — Magnus Ahlkvist
20:30 UTC
SQL Admin Best Practices with DMVs — William Assaf
Modern T-SQL for Better Performance — Kathi Kellenberger
22:00 UTC

Dallas DBAs Presents:
"Black Arts" Index Maintenance - GUIDs v.s. Fragmentation - They're not the problem... WE ARE! (on DBA Track)
— Jeff Moden

23:30 UTC

Become an Expert in Managing Your Tempdb (on DBA Track) — Deepthi Goguri

GroupBy Europe - May 26

TIME DBA Track Database Development & BI Track


Not my Problem(?) - Azure Networking 101 for Azure SQL Server DBAs
— Alexander Arvidsson

Dynamic Search Queries in T-SQL - The Ninja way — Eitan Blumin
09:00 UTC
How I Cut My Maintenance Window by 80% — Paresh Motiwala
All you wanted to know about Collations — Erland Sommarskog


SQL Server and PowerShell walk into a bar... — Mikey Bronowski
In-memory OLTP Design Principles in Microsoft SQL Server — Torsten Strauß


Redgate Presents:
Getting started with Extended Events — Kathi Kellenberger

Simplify data management with partitioning — Uwe Ricken


“We’re All Born Naked and the Rest Is Drag”:
Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion
— Cecilia Judmann

Simplify data management with partitioning (continued) — Uwe Ricken


A deep dive into Docker — Andrew Pruski
Visual Studio database projects: more than just source control — Chris Johnson


6 Query Tuning Techniques That Will Solve 75%
Of Your Performance Problems – v2 — Amit Bansal

MS SQL New functions, syntaxes, tips & tricks — Damir Matešić


SQL Server and Snapshots: Everything You Were Afraid To Ask — Argenis Fernandez

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