Project Status

Brent here. GroupBy is like any other tech project: it’s in a perpetual state of “wouldn’t it be nice if we added…” I run it in my spare time, so my honey-do list gets pretty long at times, heh.

Here’s the things we’d like to improve on the site, in no particular order. Things we’ve already completed will be crossed out for a few days, and then disappear from the list:

  • Attendee workflow:
    • Easier navigation – as we build up a library of videos, make it easier for people to go through a learning path on a particular topic or tag
    • Email prep automation – countdown emails for how to get ready for the event, register for Slack
    • Speaker bio page with list of submissions, feedback, view counts, link to your blog/Twitter/etc, make it easier to follow a presenter’s future sessions
  • Abstract details page:
    • Show speaker’s past feedback – this can wait for a couple of events because the same speaker can’t speak at back to back events anyway
    • Author box – change “Latest Posts” to “Latest Abstracts”, add tab for latest reviews, comments
  • Reviewer workflow:
    • Sortable list of posts (most commented, least commented, etc)
    • Count of posts submitted, what you’ve reviewed, what you haven’t commented on (req by @CathrineW)
    • How to follow a tag for future submissions (as opposed to all incoming sessions)
    • Enable reply-via-email to comments (setup instructions)
    • Tweet abstract comments as they come in (but only for abstract pages open for review – not voting ones or past recordings, since those will be technical questions)
  • Voting workflow:
    • Make the session titles hyperlinks (this is going to require development work in the voting plugin)
  • Submit session workflow:
    • Show samples of prior submitted sessions so presenters have inspiration
    • Speaker FAQ topics to add:
      • How to share slides, demos, VMs with GoToWebinar
      • You’ll be getting question emails for life
    • Badges for speakers – put on your blog, link to your session abstract so:
      • Your readers can vote for your abstract
      • Once it’s submitted, readers can register for your session
  • Forum workflow:
    • Make reply/edit class=”bbp-admin-links” CSS be permanently visible
  • Plain ol’ bugs:
    • @GroupByConf tweet links are http, should be https

Got an idea for something we should add in a future milestone? Talk about it in the #GroupBy Slack channel. If you’re not already a member, get an instant invite here.