GroupBy is data training by the community, for the community.


  • Speakers submit session abstracts publicly online
  • Vendors can be speakers, too (anybody can submit a talk on anything – your own open source project, paid project, Microsoft can apply, hardware vendors, etc.)
  • Readers can leave comments on the abstracts to help the author clarify and improve them
  • Everybody votes for the abstracts they’d like to see most
  • When voting closes, the top 10 speakers/abstracts for next month are picked
  • Sessions are held online in an easy-to-watch platform
  • A live co-host helps the session go smoothly by posing questions from Q&A and Twitter, helping with technical glitches, and filling in for drop-outs
  • Recordings are posted on YouTube, in our podcast & apps, and transcribed
  • Speakers can build up an online presence with great SEO so their work isn’t lost (and replace content they’re no longer proud of over time)
  • Speakers can’t present in back-to-back events (to encourage variety)
  • Over time, we organize content so that readers can navigate through a learning path with seniority levels

GroupBy was started by Brent Ozar. In February 2019 GroupBy announced that it will remain a free, volunteer-run event, staffed with SQL Community volunteers. (Read more)