A Deep Dive Into Data Lakes

Target Audience:

This is for developers and anyone interested, and familiar with the basics, in Azure Data Lake


The Azure Data Lake is one of the newest additions to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, bringing together cheap storage and massive parallel processing in two quick-to-setup and, relatively, easy-to-use technologies.

In the session we will dive into the Azure Data lake.
First of all exploring: Azure Data Lake Store: How is data stored? What are the best practices?; Azure Data Lake Analytics: How does the query optimiser work? What are the best practices?

Second, a practical demonstration of: Tuning U-SQL: Partitioning and distribution: Job Execution in Visual Studio

Why I Want to Present This Session:

This is a topic which I am passionate about, have presented on before at SQLBits, and want to share with the wider community.

Additional Resources:


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This is a very interesting topic. I would love to see you present on this. A few comments:

First, It’s not clear what level a skill the audience is expected to be at. In your target audience, you mention people interested in and familiar with data lakes. Is this talk only for people who already know what a data lake is? The “Deep Dive” title implies that this is for advanced users. So is this more of a 100 level talk or a 400 level talk?

Second, what pain point does a data lake solve? I think you could easily have more of a hook to grab people’s interest. From the abstract, it’s not clear for readers how this differs from Azure SQL Database, for example. I think there are a unique set of pain points that drive people towards data lakes instead of other solutions.

Third, I would consider making use of bulleted lists for your middle section where you list out content.

Finally, I’ve got a blog post with some more general advice on writing a good abstract. http://www.sqlgene.com/2017/04/28/how-to-write-a-good-abstract-for-groupby-org/


Hi, and thanks for the abstract!

I’m with Eugene on the target audience – you want to narrow this down a little. What exactly do they already know, and what don’t they know? Here’s my post on that specific topic:

I went to SQLbits to check the presentation to see if I could help narrow down who the audience is, but the presentation deck isn’t online. You might consider putting it in SlideShare to help folks improve the abstract. Very often here, we get a look at the deck and say, “Ah, here’s the 3 things to change to make the abstract perfectly reflect the deck.” Don’t change the deck if you’ve already got it written – it may be an issue of just tweaking the abstract.

Ray Herring
March 6, 2018 2:25 pm

I’d like to attend this session


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