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Inside Kubernetes – An Architectural Deep Dive

Target Audience: DBAs and System Architects with the desire to learn about deploying SQL Server in containers Abstract: In this session we will introduce Kubernetes, we’ll deep dive into each component and its responsibility in a cluster. We will also look at and demonstrate higher-level abstractions such as Services, Controllers, and Deployments and how they…
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Monitoring Linux Performance for the SQL Server Admin

Target Audience: Windows SQL Administrators looking to learn performance monitoring techniques for Linux systems. Abstract: So you’re a SQL Server administrator and you just installed SQL Server on Linux. It’s a whole new world. Don’t fear, it’s just an operating system. It has all the same components Windows has and in this session we’ll show…
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Open Source PowerShell Core on Linux and Mac

Target Audience: Systems administrators that manage multi-platform systems, Linux, Windows and Mac Abstract: PowerShell is now available on Linux and Mac, and you want to use it to manage your multi-platform data center. In this session, we will introduce Open Source version, PowerShell Core and learn why this is a big deal. Then we’ll get…
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Linux OS Fundamentals for the SQL Admin

Target Audience: The target audience for this session is the Windows sysadmin or DBA. This session is for those that have little experience with Linux. Basically, you’ve installed Linux and logged in and now you want to know what to do next. Abstract: PowerShell and SQL Server are now available on Linux and management wants…
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