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An introduction to partitioning

Target Audience: Database Administrators\Developers with minimal experience of partitioning in OLTP\OLAP databases. Abstract: This mainly demo based session will cover the following: An introduction to partitioning, core concepts and benefits. Choosing a Partitioning Key Creating Partition Functions & Schemes Indexing Considerations Splitting, Merging & Switching Partitions Implementing Partition Sliding Windows Filegroup Restores with Partitioning After…
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SQL Server & Containers

Audio podcast: Enjoy the Podcast? Don’t miss an episode, subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher or RSS Leave us a review in iTunes Target Audience: This session is designed for DBAs, Developers and Sysadmins who want to learn about running SQL Server in containers on Windows Server 2016. This session assumes that attendees have a working knowledge…
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