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Just Enough Database Theory for Power BI

Target Audience: Power BI / PowerPivot users, preferably those that haven’t studied databases Abstract: If you come from the Excel world, chances are you learned how to deal with data via trial and error. Not knowing basics concepts like cardinality and normal form can cause a whole suite of problems, such as duplicate rows or…
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Power BI Internals: Deep Dive

Target Audience: People who want to know how Power BI really works. Abstract: One of the really frustrating things about Power BI marketing is that it’s all sizzle and no steak. We see over and over again all these pretty graphs, but rarely a discussion about what goes on underneath the hood. The fact that…
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Power BI Newbie Hour: Panel Q/A

Target Audience: Anyone with questions about the Power BI ecosystem, especially newbies. Abstract: I help run the Pittsburgh Power BI user group, and every month there are tons of questions, often very basic. Many people don’t know what Power BI is, what it’s used for, or how it compares to SSRS and other tools. This…
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An (Advanced) Introduction to DAX

Target Audience: This is for business intelligence developers new to DAX formulas. Abstract: If you are planning on working with Power BI, PowerPivot, or SSAS Tabular, you are going to need to learn DAX. DAX looks like some frankenstein child of Excel formulas and SQL. Unfortunately this can lull new developers into a false sense…
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