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SQL Server 2017 New Features (Not Linux support!)

Target Audience: DBA,Developers and Sysadmin who want to see the new features coming in SQL Server 2017. Abstract: This session covers the new features in SQL Server 2017 – apart from Linux support – New support using Query Store for automatic tuning of querys which have bad plans (multiple plans with regressions) – Additional information…
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SQL Server on Linux – SQL Server vNext goes cross platform!

Target Audience: DBAs/sysadmin who want to know more about SQL Server on Linux. Abstract: We will be covering SQL Server on Linux starting ,where the idea came from,how the port to Linux was achieved and internal architecture. We then move on to Installation, Cross Platform Backup/Restores,Clustering,Availability Groups,SQL Agent and SSIS with demos. We demonstrated compiling…
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