Big Data Clusters for the Absolute Beginner

Target Audience:

Are you a DBA or data professional working with out-dated technology or feel your skills are quickly becoming irrelevant? Stay ahead in today’s ever changing tech space and take your career to the next level. Whether you’re a junior or senior data professional, you will benefit from this session.


Join me, Mohammad Darab, this session to explore the cutting-edge technology that SQL Server 2019 has to offer: Big Data Clusters.

Topics include:
-Big Data Cluster architecture and its components such as: Containers, Kubernetes and the newly enhanced Polybase
-Unique advantage of SQL Server Big Data Clusters
-Data Virtualization, Scale-out Data Marts, and Data Hub concepts

Why I Want to Present This Session:

I used to feel that my SQL skills were becoming outdated. That all changed with the introduction of Big Data Clusters in SQL Server 2019. I believe Big Data Clusters are the future of SQL Server. I know, it’s complex. But this type of cutting-edge technology is how DBAs and data professionals in our field stay relevant, and I’m here to help with that. I am extremely motivated and passionate about sharing this amazing technology with my fellow DBAs around the world.

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Eugene Meidinger
September 14, 2019 8:34 am

You do a great job of covering the specific details of the technology. I think that your abstract could really shine if you 1) added some qualitative aspects and 2) focused a bit more on the learner.

Some questions your abstract could be answering:
1) What pain point does this technology solve? Why should we care about it?
2) How does this session benefit the learner, how will they grow by the end of it?

You say in your abstract “I believe Big Data Clusters are the future of SQL Server”. This is a big statement! As a learner, I’d love to know why it’s the future and know that you’ll explain that in the session. Some of your audience might be jaded and see big data clusters and keyword/buzzword soup. You have a great chance to articulate why they aren’t just a passing fad.

I hope you get selected, as I am quite interested in the technology.


[…] I will present on Thursday Oct 10th at 3 pm PST / 6 pm EST. My session details can be found here. […]


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