Build your first bot – no code required!

Target Audience:

Folks interested in getting hands-on in the emerging business trend of bots


Learn how to build a bot that will answer questions asked by users. Learn how to customise it and embed it on your website. Learn how to do all of this without having to write a single line of code.

I’ll be using Microsoft’s site to build an FAQ bot and the putting it live with an Azure Bot Service and the Skype Web Control. The end result is a little snippet you can add to any web page, making implementation a breeze.

You can follow along as I build the bot live, or just soak it all in. Either way, you’ll see how easy it is to build a bot and you’ll know the next steps to follow to start building more complex bots.


Why I Want to Present This Session:

Bots are something Microsoft are betting big on, and it has the potential to greatly change the way IT surface information to people. Getting an understanding of even building basic bots will help data professionals understand the sorts of data services that we might need to provide in future.

(Plus playing with new tech is fun!)

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Oh, that’s funny because I’ve got a blog post in my queue titled, “What Would You Ask a Senior DBA Chatbot?”

What will the server side of it be, and does it matter what your web site is built in? For example, do you need PHP, .NET, Node.js, etc? Do you need to come in knowing any HTML? What are you going to build it in?


Would this session enable a participant to build a rudimentary help bot for an existing application?


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