2019-04 Sessions

Inside Kubernetes – An Architectural Deep Dive

Target Audience: DBAs and System Architects with the desire to learn about deploying SQL Server in containers Abstract: In this session we will introduce Kubernetes, we’ll deep dive into each component and its responsibility in a cluster. We will also look at and demonstrate higher-level abstractions such as Services, Controllers, and Deployments and how they…
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SQL Server Memory Internals & Troubleshooting

Target Audience: The session is for SQL Server DBAs. Minimum 2 years of working experience with SQL Server. Abstract: Welcome to the dungeon. Yes, SQL Server memory concepts are like entering a dungeon where you are guaranteed to get lost. It’s dark and complex out there and not many have come back alive. Join Microsoft…
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How to write a kick a** anything.

Target Audience: Technical folks who want to be more persuasive and articulate. To get this most value from this content, you’ll need to be able to read and write fluently in English. Abstract: Want to sway people on a project? Set hard limits on your time? Communicate your technical know-how and have people actually read…
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PowerShell for the SQL DBA

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 Target Audience: This is for DBAs that want to do more with less clicking using PowerShell. Abstract: Do you manage more than one instance of SQL Server? More than one database? When clicking through any interface as a DBA it can get pretty time consuming and very frustrating. I am here to help you get…
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We need DataOps – NOW

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Target Audience: Anyone worried about the increasing amounts of data, change, & regulations faced in the data day job Abstract: For a long time, we were told: “there’s a GUI for that”. It’s led to DBAs struggling to cope with growing numbers of databases, BI people are groaning under the weight of complex ETL hand-crafted…
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