Archived Abstracts

Upgrading your database to vNext

Target Audience: DBAs and developers who want to prepare for the database changes in vNext Abstract: Moving an old database to a new SQL Server version enables improvements that Microsoft’s SQL Server team has added over time. Before you explore the new T-SQL features, take a look at how your database will change as it’s…
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What to Do When SQL Server is Unusually Slow

Target Audience: You use Activity Monitor to figure out what’s going on, and you feel like you might be missing something. Abstract: “Is something going on with the SQL Server right now?” You hear those words, and your heart starts to race a little faster. You try to connect to the SQL Server, and it…
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Getting Better Query Plans by Improving SQL’s Estimates

Target Audience: You want faster queries, and you’re starting to read execution plans to figure out what to do. Abstract: You’ve been writing T-SQL queries for a few years now, and when you have performance issues, you’ve been updating stats and using OPTION (RECOMPILE). It’s served you well, but every now and then, you hit…
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How Often Should You Run Backups and CHECKDB?

Target Audience: You’re responsible for making sure the database server doesn’t go down and that you don’t lose data. Abstract: You’ve been taking SQL Server full and log backups for a couple of years now, and you’ve even done a few successful restores when your butt was on the line. But now that you’ve decided…
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Cardinality Estimator on SQL Server 2014/2016

Target Audience: SQL Server database administrators and developers. Abstract: Cardinality Estimator had a major upgrade in SQL Server 2014 version and 2016. After a few introductory words, I will speak about model assumptions of Cardinality Estimator, calculation direction, model selection of Cardinality Estimator and improvements in SQL Server versions 2014 and 2016. I will also…
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