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Abstracts for the next round of voting.

Upcoming Website Maintenance

There will be an interruption of service on Tuesday, August 20th as we undergo scheduled website maintenance. During this update, we expect that our website will be unavailable for most of the day—so you won’t be able to login, access your submitted sessions, or submit a new session during this time. Want to submit today?…
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Solving the dev database problem with GitHub, Docker and PsDatabaseClone

Target Audience: Does your development database feel like the Wild West? Do you struggle to manage concurrent development tasks? Do you struggle to quickly and cheaply provision sufficent dev and test environments? Do you struggle to provision appropriate test data? Does your DBA/Ops team manage the dev database? Is it a burden for them and…
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Disposable Development environments with Azure DevOps and Azure Resource Manager Templates

It’s uncontroversial to suggest that developers work more effectively given isolated development environments, which are not subject to “surprises” caused by the rest of the team or “change freezes” imposed by the release process. In many circumstances, these can be provided using a myriad of Virtual Machines, but the case of applications which rely on…
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Choose your own adventure – performance edition

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Target Audience: Your level of knowledge on performance tuning doesn’t matter, a passing idea of what’s happening is all you need. In the session we’ll cover each topic a little but I will also provide a more in-depth explanation of everything we go through after the session if you want to learn more. Abstract: Remember…
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Scrape Reddit for Testing Data using SQL Server & Python

Target Audience: You’re the person who has to create data for your Test environments. Let’s scrape data from reddit! Abstract: You’re lucky enough to have Test environments but you don’t want to spend forever creating test data to use (because you’re not using live data right?). Let’s use SQL Server with Python to scrape data…
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Automate the Pain Away with SQL Server 2019

The way you tune your SQL Server workloads is changing.  In the past, you would rely on dynamic management views, execution plan cache, and server-side traces or extend events.  In SQL Server 2012 we were introduced to Columnstore indexes; In SQL 2014 the cardinality estimator changed. With SQL Server 2016 we were given query store…
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Marketing for SQL Consultants and Business Owners

Target Audience: This session is for technical freelancers looking to grow their business and fill their pipeline. It’s also for small business owners who want to better understand how to start investing in marketing. Abstract: Pouring your heart and soul into traveling and writing, but the leads aren’t coming back to you? Finding success in…
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Would you run production SQL Server on Docker?

Target Audience: For admins who have heard about Docker but aren’t sure what it’s for. Abstract: With the advent of Windows containers and SQL Server on Linux, the options for running SQL Server are growing. Should you run SQL Server on physical machines, virtualised, in the cloud or do you get with the cool kids…
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SQL Server Developer Tricks

Target Audience: SQL Developers. Minimum 2 years of working experience with SQL Server. Abstract: If you are programming with SQL Server, you ought to know how your query is being treated inside the engine. Join this session to learn some real-world developer tricks that will improve performance of your SQL workload. Understand the DO’s and…
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Getting Data Into Power BI

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Target Audience: Business Analyst, Developers & DBAs using Power BI. Abstract: Power BI is such a powerful tool to develop visualizations. In order to display visuals, the developers of Power BI reports need to understand how data is organized in a data model. The sources vary. So examples of spreadsheets, flat tables or files and…
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