Eight hours of work in 20 minutes – partitioning rocks

Target Audience: Database developers and database administrators with little or no experience with table partitioning. Abstract: If you ever experienced an ETL process getting slower and slower, this might be it. Partitioning and partition switching. Once an enterprise feature. Now in every edition of SQL Server. I’m going to be very hands-on. I’ll reveal some…
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CI and CD with SSDT and Living to Tell About It - with Eitan Blumin

CI and CD with SSDT and Living to Tell about It

Target Audience: Application DBA, SQL, DevOps Abstract: Until a few years ago, it was common to have the database development lifecycle completely separate from the main application development lifecycle. While the app dev team enjoyed modern lifecycle techniques, the DBAs find themselves inventing their own solutions for things that already come pre-packaged and ready-to-use for…
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Dynamic Search Queries and How to Protect Them

Target Audience: Application DBA, SQL, T-SQL Programming, Stored Procedures Abstract: What is the solution for implementing truly dynamic search queries? Not just a stored procedure with optional parameters, but something even more dynamic than that? Let the end-user choose the exact fields and, more importantly, the operator types to use on them, in order to…
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Tips and Tricks of a Power BI (Premium) Implementation at a Financial Institute

Target Audience: Do you consider implementing Power BI or already buying Premium capacity? Do you struggle with the number of Power BI licenses to give out? Do you struggle between tight IT-control or user-friendliness of creating workspaces? A basic knowledge of Power BI is assumed, there’s no deep technical knowledge necessary. Abstract: Back to September…
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PowerShell for Power BI (and some ETL)

Target Audience: Power BI Developers & Workspace Curators Abstract: Power BI is design as a user-friendly GUI based tool for creating and publishing beautiful reports. Unfortunately, it was not designed to integrate well with application lifecycle management or the devops methodology. For example, manually migrating the contents of one Power BI workspace to another workspace…
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Azure Data Studio ❤ SQL People

Target Audience: SSMS Users Abstract: Azure Data Studio is not replacing SSMS, but it is accelerating the speed of development, by adding feature that would take years to add to SSMS. These tools work together, hand-in-hand in some places. How so? Well, in SSMS 18+ you can right-click in many places and launch ADS with…
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