Databases 101 for the Aspiring App Dev

Target Audience: Students from high school on up, new to dealing with databases in general, or looking for a re-set of foundational database understanding. Abstract: We’ll cover what you need to know about relational databases entering a career in development, including the different kinds of databases, terminology when entering the workforce, the basics of backups,…
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Solving the dev database problem with GitHub, Docker and PsDatabaseClone

Target Audience: Are you lumbered with a shared “Wild West” dev database? Do you struggle to manage concurrent development tasks? Developers: Is it a pain getting the dev and test environments you need, including realistic and up to date test data? DBAs: Are all these requests for dev and test databases getting in the way…
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SQL Admin Best Practices with DMVs

Target Audience: This session will be informative and eye-opening to anyone from a junior DBA on up. Abstract: In this practical and script-focused session, with roots in SQL 2005 but updated continuously thru SQL 2019, we'll discuss many best practices regarding SQL Server administration, maintenance, optimizations and monitoring using Dynamic Management Views. DMV's are essential…
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SQL Security Principals and Permissions 101

Target Audience: This session is perfect for junior DBAs, developers and system admins of on-prem and Azure-based SQL platforms. Abstract: A ground-floor introduction to SQL Server permissions starting with the basics and moving into the security implications behinds stored procedures, views, database ownership, application connections, consolidated databases, application roles and much more. Why I Want…
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Certification Exams Inside Out

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Target Audience: IT professionals of any skillset considering cert exams as a career motivator. Abstract: Preparing for Microsoft certification? Do you want insight into how certification exams are written, how questions are designed, and how to follow a logical process of elimination? We'll go through the process of item creation from an item writer's viewpoint,…
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Adventure – Performance Edition

Target Audience: Your level of knowledge on performance tuning doesn’t matter, a passing idea of what’s happening is all you need. In the session we’ll cover each topic a little but I will also provide a more in-depth explanation of everything we go through after the session if you want to learn more. Abstract: Remember…
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Scrape Reddit for Testing Data using SQL Server & Python

Target Audience: You’re the person who has to create data for your Test environments. Let’s scrape data from reddit! Abstract: You’re lucky enough to have Test environments but you don’t want to spend forever creating test data to use (because you’re not using live data right?). Let’s use SQL Server with Python to scrape data…
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