Upgrading your database to vNext

Target Audience: DBAs and developers who want to prepare for the database changes in vNext Abstract: Moving an old database to a new SQL Server version enables improvements that Microsoft’s SQL Server team has added over time. Before you explore the new T-SQL features, take a look at how your database will change as it’s…
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What to Do When SQL Server is Unusually Slow

Target Audience: You use Activity Monitor to figure out what’s going on, and you feel like you might be missing something. Abstract: “Is something going on with the SQL Server right now?” You hear those words, and your heart starts to race a little faster. You try to connect to the SQL Server, and it…
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Getting Better Query Plans by Improving SQL’s Estimates

Target Audience: You want faster queries, and you’re starting to read execution plans to figure out what to do. Abstract: You’ve been writing T-SQL queries for a few years now, and when you have performance issues, you’ve been updating stats and using OPTION (RECOMPILE). It’s served you well, but every now and then, you hit…
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How Often Should You Run Backups and CHECKDB?

Target Audience: You’re responsible for making sure the database server doesn’t go down and that you don’t lose data. Abstract: You’ve been taking SQL Server full and log backups for a couple of years now, and you’ve even done a few successful restores when your butt was on the line. But now that you’ve decided…
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Query Tuning Without Production Data

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Target Audience: DBA or Database Developer who query tunes. Abstract: The DBA is constantly ringing your phone complaining about why you did not include an index to support your new stored procedure. They have full access to production and do not understand how hard it is to tune a query with an under-powered development machine…
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