Cardinality Estimator on SQL Server 2014/2016

Target Audience: SQL Server database administrators and developers. Abstract: Cardinality Estimator had a major upgrade in SQL Server 2014 version and 2016. After a few introductory words, I will speak about model assumptions of Cardinality Estimator, calculation direction, model selection of Cardinality Estimator and improvements in SQL Server versions 2014 and 2016. I will also…
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Polybase In Action

Target Audience: Developers and DBAs who want an easier way to query Hadoop or Azure Blob Storage data should attend. Abstract: Polybase is Microsoft’s newest way of integrating SQL Server with external systems such as Hadoop and Azure Blob Storage. In this talk, we will connect SQL Server to an on-premises Hadoop cluster as well…
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Just Enough Database Theory for Power BI

Target Audience: Power BI / PowerPivot users, preferably those that haven’t studied databases Abstract: If you come from the Excel world, chances are you learned how to deal with data via trial and error. Not knowing basics concepts like cardinality and normal form can cause a whole suite of problems, such as duplicate rows or…
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A Deep Dive Into Data Lakes

Target Audience: This is for developers and anyone interested, and familiar with the basics, in Azure Data Lake Abstract: The Azure Data Lake is one of the newest additions to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, bringing together cheap storage and massive parallel processing in two quick-to-setup and, relatively, easy-to-use technologies. In the session we will…
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Solving Power BI pain points with R

Target Audience: Power BI users looking to improve their dashboards Abstract: This session will look at how PowerBI dashboard developers can use R to solve data import and data visualisation challenges. By the end of this session, you’ll know how you can use R to connect to more data sources, do sophisticated data transformation easily,…
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SQL Server and R for real-time predictions

Target Audience: People who need to know how data science models can be put into production Abstract: Embedding your R (and soon Python!) models in SQL Server enables you to add predictive capabilities to your applications and your analytics without adding expensive components or going outside your network via expensive API calls. In this demo-packed…
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SQL Server 2017 New Features (Not Linux support!)

Target Audience: DBA,Developers and Sysadmin who want to see the new features coming in SQL Server 2017. Abstract: This session covers the new features in SQL Server 2017 – apart from Linux support – New support using Query Store for automatic tuning of querys which have bad plans (multiple plans with regressions) – Additional information…
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SQL Server on Linux – SQL Server vNext goes cross platform!

Target Audience: DBAs/sysadmin who want to know more about SQL Server on Linux. Abstract: We will be covering SQL Server on Linux starting ,where the idea came from,how the port to Linux was achieved and internal architecture. We then move on to Installation, Cross Platform Backup/Restores,Clustering,Availability Groups,SQL Agent and SSIS with demos. We demonstrated compiling…
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[PRECON] R and Microsoft

Target Audience: People looking to use R in a Microsoft environment Abstract: This course is a practical introduction to using Microsoft products to take R code that works on your machine and making it work for many people at once. Participants will get an overview of available tools and build solutions in each tool. An…
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