2018-09 Sessions

T-SQL Tools: Simplicity for Synchronizing Changes

Target Audience: Any DBA or developer that has ever faced the problem of moving data changes across databases. Abstract: One of most common problems a DBA or database developer may face is finding and syncing data changes efficiently between multiple systems. In this session we will look into different methods focusing on effective use of…
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The Perfect Index

Target Audience: Database Administrators or Developers who want to create useful and thoughtfully designed indexes Abstract: Creating indexes is one of the most powerful ways to improve performance in your SQL Servers. It’s not easy to form indexes for a large and complicated query, and things only get more complicated when queries can come from…
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An introduction to partitioning

Target Audience: Database Administrators\Developers with minimal experience of partitioning in OLTP\OLAP databases. Abstract: This mainly demo based session will cover the following: An introduction to partitioning, core concepts and benefits. Choosing a Partitioning Key Creating Partition Functions & Schemes Indexing Considerations Splitting, Merging & Switching Partitions Implementing Partition Sliding Windows Filegroup Restores with Partitioning After…
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Be My Azure DBA (DSA)

Target Audience: Any DBA that wants to start using/looking after Azure data services. Abstract: There seems to be a common misconception that once you move from on premises SQL Server to Azure PaaS offerings a DBA is no longer required. This perception is wrong and in the session I’ll show you why. As a business…
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