Certification Exams Inside Out

Target Audience:

IT professionals of any skillset considering cert exams as a career motivator.


Preparing for Microsoft certification? Do you want insight into how certification exams are written, how questions are designed, and how to follow a logical process of elimination? We'll go through the process of item creation from an item writer's viewpoint, what rules item writers must follow, and why questions sometimes have strange phrasing. For any technical skillset pursuing certification, we'll review non-technical sample questions and walk through the process of using information at your disposal. You'll better understand how to deconstruct the problem statement. We'll leave time for Q&A with a veteran of the Microsoft certification exam writing process.

Why I Want to Present This Session:

I've got unique experience as an item writer and SME for MS SQL cert exams going back several years, and would like to share what I can about how the exams are written.

Additional Resources:

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Eugene Meidinger
September 14, 2019 8:44 am

I think this is a unique take on certifications and I like it. I think it could be a bit clearer if you split this up into two paragraphs. Maybe the first paragraphs highlights the unique value proposition of this session (an inside perspective on certifications) and then have the second paragraph cover the specifics of what you’ll go over.

I think you might have some space as well for establishing pain points and growth paths a bit better. I’m personally a fan of direct statements that establish a pain point and why the audience should care. Something like “Certification exams are often confusingly worded or overwhelming. By seeing how exams are made, you’ll be in a better position to pass your next one.”

Overall I think this would be a really interesting session because I’ve never seen anyone talk about certification exams from the inside. I wrote all the assessment questions for Pluralsight’s Power BI path and that was a lot fo work!


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