#GroupBy September 2017 Lineup Announced, Registration Open

The voting is over, and here’s what you picked:

Friday, September 1:

Friday, September 8:

Congratulations to the winners, and registration is open now. Wanna join in the fun and present a session yourself? Submit a session now for the December 1 & 8 event.

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Brent Ozar

Managing Director at Brent Ozar Unlimited
I make Microsoft SQL Server faster and more reliable. I'm the guy behind BrentOzar.com, Ozar.me, DBAreactions.com, SQLServerUpdates.com, and GroupBy.org.
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I’m confused, there are some on here not in the list and not in the Top 10? Is that the scheduling you are referring to?


Ah ok, that makes sense on Steph’s other session. Either Pedro, Terry or Ned will present at 4 on 9/1? Will the other 2 go back in the voting or be slated for the next Group BY? I was getting excited to see all of them! Is Gianluca’s session a new one? I can’t get the link to come up to see the differences between this and the great session he did earlier this year.
I really enjoy this conference. Thanks again Brent for pulling all this together!


    Mike – Ned’s already in the schedule. Down to just working with the remaining speakers to set things up. When we have more to announce, we’ll definitely do that. Thanks for your understanding!


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