How to Write a Good Abstract for

Eugene Meidinger writes:

You should write like you fight. When you edit your abstract, you should be relentless, you should be merciless. Every sentence should dance. Every sentence should sing. Every word owes you rent, and you are here to collect. You, my friend, have neither time nor patience for any freeloaders. If anything does not enhance your message, ditch it. This ain’t a charity, kids. You should write like your life is on the line.

He goes on for pages in a post called how to write a good abstract for, but I’d say this is great advice for submitting to any conference.

Step 1: go read Eugene’s post.

Step 2: submit an abstract for September. Don’t overthink it: just start with the story you want to tell, and you’ll find lots of folks willing to help give you writing tips. Let’s do this together!

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