Introduction to SQL PowerShell (the awesome new 2016 version)!

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Target Audience:

PowerShell is for people who do: Database Development, Performance Tuning, ETL, or even B/I.


Let’s face it, using SQL PowerShell prior to SQL Server 2016 was like installing training wheels on a Ducati. But things have massively changed. Your community feedback was incorporated before SQL 2016 shipped and presto, SQL PowerShell is actually useful all of a sudden.

But it gets better! The SQL Tools team at Microsoft has promised to keep adding new cmdlets every month and keep making improvements to the SQL Provider.

SQL PowerShell offers faster ways to manage SQL Servers, develop & deploy SQL databases, and identify performance bottlenecks. I will show you these new features in the new SqlServer module and why you will find it useful, whether you are a SQL Developer, B/I Developer, or DBA.

The SQL Server team has already delivered cmdlets to help you manage SQL Server Agent Jobs, review the SQL Error Log, Add / Manage & Remove Logins, and write data to tables in SQL Server.

2017 promises even more cmdlets and you don’t want to be left behind!

(P.S. That picture of the TreeMap up there, that was generated in PowerShell and I will show you why it’s so awesome for Performance Tuning.)

Why I Want to Present This Session:

As the leader of the PowerShell Virtual Chapter of PASS ( I have a huge passion for SQL PowerShell and 2016 has been the most transformative year in its history. This transformation has only been possible because of the large amount of community members who joined us in asking for improvements. I want to show you why so many community members are asking for all this new functionality in SQL Server.

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Aaron Nelson is a Consultant with SolidQ with over 15 years of experience in Architecture, Business Intelligence, Development, and Performance Tuning of SQL Server. He was recently awarded a 6th Microsoft MVP for SQL Server (Data Platform). Aaron holds certifications for MCITP: Business Intelligence Developer, Database Administrator, & Database Developer. Aaron leads the PowerShell Virtual Chapters of PASS, and volunteers for the local PASS Chapter AtlantaMDF, and helps organize SQL Saturday events in Atlanta.
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Thanks for the presentation. where can I get scripts and ppts for this webcast?


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