Leveraging Microsoft PowerShell for Managing SQL Server VMs on Amazon AWS

Target Audience:

DBAs and Windows systems administrators who are managing SQL Server virtual machines on Amazon AWS


Managing SQL Server virtual machines (VMs) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be cumbersome, repetitive and boring if you simply rely on the graphical user interface. Imagine having to manage multiple SQL Server VMs as part of your day-to-day operations – you are wasting a lot of precious time.

You can leverage Microsoft PowerShell to automate repetitive tasks that involve managing SQL Server VMs on Amazon AWS. In this session, learn how to use the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell, the different PowerShell cmdlets for managing SQL Server VMs on Amazon AWS and how to write scripts to automate DBA repetitive tasks.

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Edwin M Sarmiento

Managing Director at 15C Inc.
A Filipino Microsoft Certified Master and Microsoft Data Platform MVP based in Ottawa, Canada specializing in high availability, disaster recovery and system infrastructures running on the Microsoft server technology stack. He is very passionate about technology but has interests in music, professional and organizational development, leadership and management matters when not working with databases. He lives up to his primary mission statement – “To help people and organizations grow and develop their full potential.“
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