Marketing for SQL Consultants and Business Owners

Target Audience:

This session is for technical freelancers looking to grow their business and fill their pipeline. It’s also for small business owners who want to better understand how to start investing in marketing.


Pouring your heart and soul into traveling and writing, but the leads aren’t coming back to you? Finding success in marketing is a fine balance between consistency, positioning, price, and relationships. In this session we’ll discuss how to really market to technical audience – what it takes to eliminate confusion, connect with potential customers and ultimately grow your business.

Why I Want to Present This Session:

I’ve been working with businesses in the Microsoft Data Platform for almost 10 years now, and I know how valuable SQL Server consultants are to the companies who need them. I’m here to connect the dots – between consulting, SQL Server and lead generation.

Additional Resources:

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Blythe Morrow

Blythe works with a team of people who love Data Platform and technology marketing. She started 10 years ago as the Community Manager for PASS and now spends her days helping companies that build products and services on the Microsoft Data Platform. She offers advice to CMOs and CEOs on how to competitively position their companies, create and manage their brands, enter the digital arena and maximize marketing and sales investments.

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