Measuring the Overhead of the Query Store

Target Audience:

Database administrators or developers interested in query performance, running SQL Server 2016 in production, and/or considering upgrading in the next 6-12 months.


The Query Store, introduced in SQL Server 2016, provides DBA’s with an extremely powerful tool to assist them in diagnosing and tuning query performance problems. While the capabilities provided by Query Store are tremendous, enabling it on a production database comes with challenges that a DBA must consider.

This session will provide a brief introduction to the SQL Server 2016 Query Store, but will focus specifically on the overhead that a DBA must consider when enabling and configuring it on a production database. Included in the discussion will be sections on why the Query Store causes overhead, how a DBA can perform testing to understand how much overhead they will see on their systems, and ways to configure the Query Store to minimize the impact that the Query Store places on a system.  Finally, I will share the results of some benchmark testing that I’ve performed that shows exactly how much overhead I’ve seen on some target systems, with a few types of workloads.

The SQL Server 2016 Query Store is available in all editions of SQL Server, including Enterprise, Standard, Web, and Express, so anyone running or considering running SQL Server 2016 in any capacity would benefit from this feature!

Why I Want to Present This Session:

I’ve seen, and delivered, several sessions that focus on the benefits of the SQL Server 2016 Query Store, but have only heard the topic of overhead given a very brief passing over. We know that there is overhead associated with the Query Store, but I’d like to quantify that with a deeper analysis.

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Thanks for clarifying that the feature is available in Standard Edition. I guess after SP1 things have changed but I sure got tired of sitting through sessions only to find it was an EE only feature.
I look forward to your session.

Viacheslav Maliutin
December 5, 2017 12:09 pm

Was the session recorded?


    The session wasn’t voted in, so it didn’t happen. To vote in a session, subscribe to the site (on the home page) and you’ll be alerted when voting happens.


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