Missed #GroupBy last week? The recordings are up now.

If you missed ’em live, now you can watch from the comfort of your, uh, wherever you are.

If you have questions for the presenters, click on the session title to hit the session page. From there, you can leave comments on the abstract, and the speakers get emails for each comment. You can rate the sessions too, or just tell the speakers how much you liked their work.

Wanna get in on the fun? Abstract submissions are open now for the December 1 & 8 events, and you can register now to attend the September events live.

Containers & SQL Server

Andrew Pruski (@DBAfromtheCold – DBAfromtheCold.com)

Continuous Integration and SQL Server

James Anderson (@DatabaseAvenger – TheDatabaseAvenger.com)

DBAs vs Developers: JSON in SQL Server 2016

Bert Wagner (@BertWagner – BertWagner.com)

Getting Continuous Integration Right for SQL Server

Alex Yates (@_AlexYates_ –  DLMConsultants.com)

Green is good, Red is bad – Turning Your Checklists into Pester Tests

Rob Sewell (@SQLDBAWithBeard – SQLDBAWithABeard.com)

Keeping Up with Technology: Drinking from the Firehose

Eugene Meidinger (@SQLGene – SQLgene.com)

Operational Validation of SQL Server at Scale with PowerShell and Jenkins

Cody Konior (@CodyKonior – CodyConior.com)

Successful Production Deployments with Columnstore Index in SQL Server 2016

Sunil Agarwal (@S_u_n_e_e_l)

T-SQL for Beginners

Andrea Allred (@RoyalSQL – RoyalSQL.com)

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