Power BI for the Data Systems Administrator

Data systems administrators pride themselves on their ability to dig deep into the weeds of their systems and get to the root of problems. However, when it comes time to explain a complex or intermittent issue we find that others don’t enjoy those weeds. Ever wish you could draw a better picture of what’s going on? Enter Power BI! This tool is beloved by many analysts and developers but it can transform more than just OLTP data. Attend this session to learn how you can use quick models in Power BI against administrative data such as the SSRS execution log, SQL Server Extended Events, XML & JSON files, query performance data, and even those random Excel files you get from vendors. You’ll leave this demo-focused session with the ideas you’ll need to survey your domain from a new angle and communicate what you learn to your organization.

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Eugene Meidinger
September 14, 2019 9:48 am

Great abstract! I would consider splitting it into three paragraphs: Pain point -> Details of the session -> How the audience will grow. You are already using that general flow, which I think works really well.


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