Power BI Internals: Deep Dive

Target Audience:

People who want to know how Power BI really works.


One of the really frustrating things about Power BI marketing is that it’s all sizzle and no steak. We see over and over again all these pretty graphs, but rarely a discussion about what goes on underneath the hood. The fact that business users are a big slice of the audience only exacerbates this. For some of us, we keep saying “What’s next? What’s next?”

In this talk we are going to take a look at the whole data pipeline: Power BI Desktop, M, DAX, Data Gateways, Power BI Service and custom visuals. All of it. And for each part, we are going to pop the hood and see what’s really going on underneath. This will give you a better understanding of how Power BI really works, and more confidence in implementing it in your workplace. Many of the demos in this talk are HIGHLY unsupported, so watch out. We are going to go places you aren’t supposed to go.

Why I Want to Present This Session:

Because this is one of the most fun talks you can give. It’s full of “Wait, what?” moments. Beyond that, It’s hard to find resources on this technology that go deeper, so we are going to fill that gap.

Additional Resources:


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Eugene is a Business Intelligence developer in the Pittsburgh area. He helps run the local Power BI user group.
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