Power BI Newbie Hour: Panel Q/A

Target Audience:

Anyone with questions about the Power BI ecosystem, especially newbies.


I help run the Pittsburgh Power BI user group, and every month there are tons of questions, often very basic. Many people don’t know what Power BI is, what it’s used for, or how it compares to SSRS and other tools. This talk is a panel discussion for your Power BI questions.

Any question relating to the PowerBI ecosystem is fair game: Power BI Desktop, DAX, PowerQuery, Power BI Service, Data Gateways, IT Governance. They are all valid questions.

So come to Slack and ask your Power BI questions. No question too small. No question too strange. Our team of panelists will answer all of your questions that we can. Any stumpers will be followed up with a blog post, answering them later.

The exact panel guests are to be announced, but will include Microsoft employees who work with Power BI.

Why I Want to Present This Session:

Because I think we need more Q/A sessions on groupby. Also, many people have lots of very basic questions about PowerBI they want answered.

Additional Resources:

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Eugene is a Business Intelligence developer in the Pittsburgh area. He helps run the local Power BI user group.
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I think this is a great idea. I got into Power BI when it was really new in Pro versions of Excel but haven’t touched it now for a couple of years. I know a lot has changed and it would be great to hear an explanation on current Power BI offerings and other things that are sure to surface in a sessions like this.


I like the idea but maybe include a couple of questions that you could answer while waiting for the questions to come from the audience? That would give us something to start with. This is a really broad subject area so I could see lack of focus being a possible issue.


    I agree it’s a real worry. My current plan is to have a backup presentation that covers Power BI as a whole and just jump into that if I get crickets. Then as questions pop up, answer those.


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