PowerShell for the SQL DBA

 Target Audience:

This is for DBAs that want to do more with less clicking using PowerShell.


Do you manage more than one instance of SQL Server? More than one database? When clicking through any interface as a DBA it can get pretty time consuming and very frustrating. I am here to help you get started with PowerShell as a DBA so that you can get information quicker and more efficiently than clicking. I will show you some commands and best of all how to leverage commands that you do not have to write but still get the benefit of getting more done. Join me in the Quest to become a PowerShell DBA.

Why I Want to Present This Session:

I love PowerShell and have been using it since v1.0 and also using SMO since it’s release in version 9.0 (SQL 2005). I think there is so much value that I cannot keep still.

Additional Resources:

Why Become a PowerShell DBA
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