The extraordinary power of Python support in SQL Server


Python is one of the most popular languages these days and we are very excited to have the ability to use Python inside SQL Server stored procedures starting with SQL Server 2017.

If you are Database Administrator – you need to get to know this wonderful feature! Learn how it can solve DBA’s everyday challenges when dealing with text and json files, bulk loads and even simplify ETL flows when you need to get data from database systems other than SQL Server. Moreover, you can offload the big data querying to a nosql database and use Python to get the results into SQL server. Have you ever dreamed about receiving emails from SQL Server stored procedure? Yes, Python can do that!

This session will answer questions like:

  • Why do I need to learn Python if I am not working with Machine learning?
  • What are the main components that enable external script execution?
  • How are the external scripts isolated?
  • What is the new Launchpad service?
  • What is the bxlserver.exe and Sql Sattelite API ?

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of SQL Server operations and activities and ability to read code.

Target Audience:

Application and Infrastructure DBAs that want to see various uses for Python¬† from inside SQL Server stored procedures. Machine Learning is OUT OF THE SCOPE of this session ūüôā


Goal 1: Learn about the major components that enable execution of Python scripts inside SQL Server.

Goal 2: See how the external scripts are executed and what happens on the OS level

Goal 3: Get several ideas why a Database Administrator might need external Python script execution and what can be done with this awesome feature

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James Dandridge
June 29, 2018 3:12 am

Would be very interested to learn more about the potential of Python with SQL Server.


can you please let us know where is the video for this session?
thank you


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