Query Store without SQL 2016 = Open Query Store

Target Audience:

DBAs and Devs that are stuck on SQL Server versions below SQL 2016


When SQL Server 2016 was released, it offered a fantastic new feature with the Query Store. Long term, statistics based, query tuning became a reality. But what about the thousands of servers that aren’t upgrading to SQL 2016 or newer? The open source project Open Query Store is designed to fulfill that need.

This session will give a short introduction to the Query Store feature in SQL 2016 and then dive into the Open Query Store (OQS) solution. William (co-creator of the OQS project) will explain the design of OQS and demonstrate the features. You will leave this session with an understanding of the features of Query Store and Open Query Store, and a desire to implement OQS in your systems when you return to the office.

Why I Want to Present This Session:

OQS comes from the frustration of being a DBA for older systems. Why couldn’t MS back-port the QS feature into older SQL Server versions?! It’s not that difficult…… or that is what Enrico van de Laar and I thought after a couple of post-conference beers one time.

The fact is, the more information we have as DBAs/Devs about what was going on in a system, the better we can troubleshoot. This is where Open Query Store was born and has helped us (and others) figure out what queries are eating all the resources on a system.

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