SQL Admin Best Practices with DMVs

Target Audience:

This session will be informative and eye-opening to anyone from a junior DBA on up.


In this practical and script-focused session, with roots in SQL 2005 but updated continuously thru SQL 2019, we'll discuss many best practices regarding SQL Server administration, maintenance, optimizations and monitoring using Dynamic Management Views. DMV's are essential tools for the SQL administrator, but have a wide range of applications by developers, network engineers and DBAs. We will delve into best practices for server maintenance, index fragmentation, XEvents, wait type analysis and future features.

Why I Want to Present This Session:

My personal SQL script toolbox is on display in this presentation, which has also been a beneficial motivator for my own skills development for the past 10+ years.

Additional Resources:

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Hello William, thanks for the amazing session. This is very informative. I just want to go through the sql files which you have mentioned in the video. Can you please mention the link for that.



Here’s the link to the GitHub repo with all the sample lab scripts.


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