SQL R Services: Start Working WITH Your Data Scientists

Target Audience:

Database devs and DBAs that want to work with their data scientists.


As a DBA or a SQL developer are you confident working with your data scientists? Many of us can’t spell “R” and are scared by the math. That’s OK since many data scientists can’t write SQL. This impedance mismatch hinders businesses from solving their most pressing problems. Just because R is fully integrated with SQL Server 2016 doesn’t mean all of our problems are magically solved.

Data scientists still need our help to understand when a problem calls for a SQL solution and when it calls for an R solution. In this 90 minute session we’ll cover the basics of SQL and R integration and how we, as data professionals, can bridge the divide with our data scientist friends.

By the end of the session we’ll have R Services running, we’ll write “queries” right from RStudio like a real data scientist would, and then we’ll work on how to take those R models and operationalize them directly in a stored proc. We’ll show you some bad R code smells and how to monitor performance.

Would you like to wrangle some data with me?

Why I Want to Present This Session:

In college I wrote SPSS code and hated it because I knew I really didn’t understand the underlying math. I turned my focus to preparing the data for the real analysts. 25 years later I see very little has changed. Data scientists now use R but they still struggle writing scaleable R code and performant SQL. And I’ve yet to see a data scientist that can operationalize a model for use in a web service.

So we help out our data scientist friends and deploy R Services for them, yet their models still can’t scale because no one has showed them how they need to change their thinking. The result is a request for the DBA to add more memory to the box. That’s rarely the solution.

DBAs shouldn’t need to be R programmers, but we should be competent enough to provide colleagues with best practices. This session is the start of that journey.

Session History

2017/05 – Dave withdrew this session.

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Dave Wentzel is a Data Solution Architect with Microsoft. He helps customers with their Digital Transformation using Azure. He brings relational data, big data, fast data, and unstructured data together to create modern data ecosystems.

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Todd Salzman
March 7, 2017 2:04 pm

Are you going to be presenting this information elsewhere? In case you are not in this round of Group By sessions I would like to know where else I can see it as I absolutely need to see this presentation. My boss is after me to pick a conference to go to and I want to go to one where this will be presented.

Dave Wentzel
March 7, 2017 2:34 pm

Thanks for the kind words Todd. I’ve presented this numerous times to clients and UGs but have never, unfortunately, thought to record it. (Well, I have, but there’s always some snafu). I don’t have any plans to do this in future though…sorry. We could do a remote session for a local UG if you know any. Hit me up on linked


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