SQL Server 2017 New Features (Not Linux support!)

Target Audience:

DBA,Developers and Sysadmin who want to see the new features coming in SQL Server 2017.


This session covers the new features in SQL Server 2017 – apart from Linux support

– New support using Query Store for automatic tuning of querys which have bad plans (multiple plans with regressions)

– Additional information (statistics) stored in the actual execution plans

– New DMVs e.g. showing log information, statistics histograms

– Interleaved Execution for multi-statement T-SQL TVFs

– Adapative joins for queries

– Resumable online index rebuild

– Performance enhancement for non-cluster index builds on memory optimized tables.

– Additional in-memory SQL Surface Area e.g. Computed columns, JSON, CROSS APPLY,sp_spaceused,sp_rename,CASE,TOP N with TIES

– Parallel Transaction Redo for memory optimized tables, increases throughput for Always On Availability Groups

– DTC support for Always On Availability Groups

– Cluster-less Availability Groups

– Minimum Replica Commit Availability Groups

– New CLR strict security

Why I Want to Present This Session:

Always keen to share knowledged. Known for speaking/blogging on the latest New Features since SQL Server 2014 came out.

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David Williams

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