SQL Server on Linux – SQL Server vNext goes cross platform!

Target Audience:

DBAs/sysadmin who want to know more about SQL Server on Linux.


We will be covering SQL Server on Linux starting ,where the idea came from,how the port to Linux was achieved and internal architecture. We then move on to Installation, Cross Platform Backup/Restores,Clustering,Availability Groups,SQL Agent and SSIS with demos. We demonstrated compiling CLR code on Windows and deploying the same DLL to both Windows and Linux. We end with monitoring including new and changed DMVs and end with new command line tools for Linux including mounting DMVs as virtual files!

Why I Want to Present This Session:

Very keen to share knowledged. Very experienced on Linux having worked with Linux at a Fortune 50 company for over 10 years.

Additional Resources:


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David Williams

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Very interesting topic. The abstract feels like a laundry list of topics without anything tying it together. You may want to describe in general terms what the audience will learn or understand by the end of the presentation. It really needs a sentence or two summarizing things or giving the gist of things.

Another thing is it would be nice to know if the audience is expected to have some prior experience with linux or not. A lot of people don’t have linux experience and right now it looks like that’s a requirement.

Lastly, you may want something in the beginning about why the audience should care. Certainly it’s implied that they have an interest in SQL on Linux, but it would help to talk about why it’s so exciting! For me one of the exciting things is there is a lot of binary level compatibility. The fact that I can copy over a backup and restore is really cool.

See my blog post for more advice on writing a good abstract. http://www.sqlgene.com/2017/04/28/how-to-write-a-good-abstract-for-groupby-org/


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