[Video] GroupBy Intermission: Brent Demos Plan Caching

During the first intermission at last Friday’s event, I spent about 45 minutes running demos of:

  • Auto-parameterization of trivial plans
  • How even slight differences of strings get different entries in the plan cache
  • What causes the MEMORY_ALLOCATION_EXT wait type, and how to measure it with sp_BlitzFirst
  • How to make a database look corrupt
  • How to pin sp_WhoIsActive to a separate row of tabs in SSMS
  • How to free just one string from the plan cache
  • SQL Server Management Studio’s live query plans


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Brent Ozar

Managing Director at Brent Ozar Unlimited
I make Microsoft SQL Server faster and more reliable. I'm the guy behind BrentOzar.com, Ozar.me, DBAreactions.com, SQLServerUpdates.com, and GroupBy.org.
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If the intermissions are THIS good, then when do we take a break to get our eyes out of the monitor on those long GroupBy days? I would have vote for this intermission big time if we started using the “most voted” system for intermissions as well!

Very good material, thanks as usual Brent!


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