We need DataOps – NOW

Target Audience:

Anyone worried about the increasing amounts of data, change, & regulations faced in the data day job


For a long time, we were told: “there’s a GUI for that”.

It’s led to DBAs struggling to cope with growing numbers of databases, BI people are groaning under the weight of complex ETL hand-crafted in SSIS, and reporting analysts are spending their time explaining why metrics are slightly different across multiple reports.

We’re, on the whole, struggling to get things done correctly and quickly. We’re in danger, of not being fit for purpose if we don’t change.

We need to look at how others have faced the similar challenge of growing volumes of requirements and increasing amount of legacy stuff to maintain.

We need to look at how software engineering has been using DevOps to cope, and what we can take away to help us implement our own DataOps movement.

Let’s take a look at the people, processes, and tools that we can use to escape the GUI and get our work done faster and at a higher quality than ever before.

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OK, this is intriguing. What sort of tools are we talking about and what level of comfort are we expected to have with those tools? PowerShell? SSIS? SSRS? PowerBI? BIML? Other? I like the idea that you’re hinting at, but not quite sure where you’re going with it. I need to watch the linked video, but maybe just a little more detail of the final outcome for this for the abstract would help.


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