When Should The Next GroupBy Event *NOT* Be?

For the first couple of iterations, we want to run one GroupBy per quarter. (Later, we may speed it up to monthly depending on demand.)

We’re thinking about the following dates for the next GroupBy:

  • April 3-4, Monday-Tuesday
  • April 6-7, Thursday-Friday (ruled out due to SQLbits, SQLSaturday Madison)
  • April 21 and 28, Fridays back-to-back
  • April 24-25, Monday-Tuesday
  • April 27-28, Thursday-Friday

Are there any of these dates that we should totally avoid? (Like is there a conference or an online meeting on those dates?) We want to avoid stepping on anybody else’s events.

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Brent Ozar

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SQLBits is from April 5-8, so you may want to avoid April 6-7 🙂


    Cathrine – ooo, can’t believe I forgot about that one! Didn’t have it on my calendar since I didn’t wanna go to Telford again, but glad you mentioned it. Definitely gotta avoid that.


I like the back-to-back Fridays. It’s hard to clear 2 days in a row.


SQL Saturday #604 (http://www.sqlsaturday.com/604/eventhome.aspx)
is scheduled for 8 April 2017. We typically have Pre-cons on Friday, so it would be nice to avoid the 6th-7th dates.

Michellea David
December 28, 2016 6:48 pm

Not April 3-4 or 6-7. Spring Break vacation for my kid


Thursdays are terrible for me. I prefer April 21 and 28, Fridays back-to-back. (Two days in a row are hard to do.) I would prefer it NOT be:

April 6-7, Thursday-Friday
April 24-25, Monday-Tuesday


    Mark – I wanna get to the bottom of that. Why are Thursdays terrible for you? (Wondering if it’s part of something wider, or if it’s just your personal meeting schedule.) Thanks!


      It’s just a matter of my work schedule. I am often in meetings or otherwise committed for at least 3 hours on Thursdays.

Dwayne Emberson
January 3, 2017 9:16 am

I like the separate dates, but why Fridays? I would rather have a Tues – Thurs.

Hugo Kornelis
January 3, 2017 11:11 am

Apr 3-4 would not work very well for me. Apr 4 has me travelling to England (because I present a precon at SQBits on April 5). April 3 will be for my client because I am gone the rest of the week, or for last minute preparations for the precon. The latter is only relevant if I were to present. (But if my memory is correct, there is a rule against back to back so that would not happen anyway)
My personal schedule clashes with Mondays (personal obligations in the evening Europe time), but I can of course always watch the recordings later.

I think back to back dates (Mon-Tue or Thu-Fri) can be a hard sell for some people. Having some days in between (not necessarily a full week) can make it easier.

Finally, you seem to be focusing on weekdays only, targeting an audience that are unable or unwilling to attend in the weekends. But there are also people who are prepared to sacrifice a Saturday for training, e.g. because they never get permission to take time off from work. Have you considered alternating the events between workdays and weekend days? Or (since it’s a two-day event now) planning each event on one Saturday and one weekday?


I’ve had jobs in the past where the last few days of a quarter and first few days of the quarter are cagey to schedule time “away”. If you’re supporting financial systems, those days might not be great. Or maybe they will be great because people can attend GroupBy while they wait around for the phone to ring because Finance has a report that isn’t fast enough.

Konrad Willmert
January 10, 2017 9:34 am

Any of those would work just fine for me. Our dba always works 5am-1pm ET Fridays, so he might prefer something other than Fridays.


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