Winter 2017 Group By Schedule

Hi folks! Here’s the schedule for the first GroupBy event:

  • November 1-30 – session abstracts, voting open
  • December 16 – voting closed, winners announced (not like it’s a surprise, the voting is fully open)
  • January 13 (Friday) – online event

Before abstracts open for the spring 2017 event, we’ll discuss what worked well during the winter event and figure out what to tweak for the spring schedule.

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Brent Ozar

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Go figure… I did guess the URL correctly. Great idea Brent, looking forward to seeing it come together! (And I fully expect this to go away as it’s a work in progress.)


    Hahaha, no, not at all – as with everything else in the project, I’m doing it in the light, heh. I was going to link to it directly in the logo post, but I figured I’d give it a little more time before I started inviting people in to see how ugly it is right now, hahaha.

    Watch the project status page – that’ll be changing radically over the next few days.


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