Working cost-neutral – how I’m on target to save my employer more money than my salary this year

Target Audience:

This session is for anyone who wants to reduce their costs while working with SQL Server.


SQL Server is expensive. Licensing, hosting, personnel – it all costs money.

Technical people often focus on the Technology, overlooking the fact that they are viewed as a huge Cost Center by the Business.

In this session, I’ll be discussing ways in which you can reduce costs and improve Business value through

  • SQL Server Consolidation
  • Getting the Licensing right
  • Architectural designs and their cost implications
  • On-premises and Cloud considerations

So often, the drive for efficiency comes from outside IT. This Session will help to put you in the right place whether initiating change from within or responding to requests from outside.

In a world where efficiency and cost-saving is king, it’s important to identify how you can improve the value to the Business and more importantly, show how you do it.

Why I Want to Present This Session:

So often, Technologists have to quickly respond to interrogations about why they cost money.

I’ve been there, I’ve experienced the “rabbit in the headlights” effect and responded poorly. I’ve learned and adapted my stance to be more pro-active in demonstrating just how we can provide better Business value and I’d love to share this with others.

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Nigel Foulkes-Nock

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Hi Nigel

Overall I like your session I think it could be very good and very interesting. Most organisation are under some form of cost constraint so knowing how to get the most out of your SQL Server license and what features are available to you would be interesting to a lot of people

To make it more appealing to a large audience I would perhaps focus on what you can do whilst saving money as opposed to just saving money. For example are there ways to make say Standard edition SQL Server do some of things available in Enterprise edition – work arounds if you like, that work well whilst saving huge amounts in licensing costs – I was thinking of the 2 node clustering features available in Standard edition or basic availability groups – that you can use instead of the full blown enterprise edition? I’m sure there are many other examples that could be used?

I think also showing some way of calculating your worth to the organisation would help people “caught in the headlights” “yes I do cost this but over the l have saved £x I’ve added value here, you need me.”

The title could be changed to reflect this – “Saving your Salary…” is much more attention grabbing than “working cost-neutral”

Just my thoughts, on tweaking the session, Happy to chat if it helps. I think it’s very interesting and I’ll be voting for it.



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