See our Speaker Lineup Below!

Europe – May 12

Analytics/Automation Performance
10:00 UTC Koen Verbeeck: The modern Cloud Data Warehouse – Snowflake on Azure Guy Glantser: SQL Server Setup Best Practices
11:30 UTC Jess Pomfret: Life Hacks: dbatools edition Hugo Kornelis: Execution plans … where do I start? 11
Magnus Ahlkvist: My romantic relation with Powershell generally and DBATools especially Andrew Pruski: SQL Server and Kubernetes
14:30 UTC Rob Sewell: Jupyter Notebooks for the none-Data Scientist Kendra Little: Index Tuning Across Dev and DBA Silos
16:00 UTC Ed Elliott: Testing your ETL pipelines: test when writing test when deploying and test when running Andy Yun: Lets Dive Into SQL Server I/O To Improve T-SQL Performance

Americas – May 13

Database Administration Development
15:00 UTC Argenis Fernandez: SQL Server Virtualization and I/O Patterns Monica Rathbun: Performance Tuning, Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck
16:30 UTC Matt Gordon: Turn Runbooks into Notebooks: Handling Maintenance and Emergencies with Azure Data Studio Jean Joseph: How to troubleshoot database performance issues
Keynote on Development track* Brent Ozar: Dynamic SQL: Pro Tips for Building and Tuning It
19:30 UTC Grant Fritchey: Learn to Effectively Use Extended Events Julie Koesmarno: Notebooks 101 for SQL People
21:00 UTC Mike Byrd: A Self-Tuning Fill Factor Technique for SQL Server Edwin M Sarmiento: What SQL Server DBAs Need to Know About Docker Containers
22:30 UTC Erik Darling: Better Troubleshooting Through Extended Events Erik Darling to close out GroupBy on Database Administration track