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Recent Session Recordings

What ‘Digital Transformation’ Means, and How You Can Use It to Advance Your Career (Without Being a Robot)

Target Audience: Developers and Database Administrators who are interested in career development or industry trends. The talk will be accessible to everyone in IT, it’s not highly database or code specific. Abstract: Whether you love or hate buzzwords, the big ones signify critical cultural changes. In this session, Kendra Little will explain what executives mean…
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The Problems With Optional Operators

Target Audience: Anyone who stares at query plans for a living. Abstract: The optimizer has options. Not every option is optimal. Optimistic query tuners hope that the optimizer will make optimal choices. Often, the optimizer will stick an optional operator in a plan that just doesn’t belong. Sorts, Spools, Lookups, Tops, Aggregates, and Bitmaps can…
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Using Open Source Products to Collect Performance Metrics

Target Audience: This presentation is for DBAs, sysadmins, and if you are brave managers. Abstract: Ever had a manager standing over your shoulder, wanting to know why an instance is running slow or if it can handle additional workload? What information would you use to answer these questions? If only you knew what performance metrics…
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