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Recent Session Recordings

Not just polish – How good code also runs faster

Target Audience: You’ve been writing T-SQL for a while, but you want some easy pointers on how to make it go faster. Abstract: I want to show you how just a little neater and tighter code can also run a lot faster. These are some of the instant performance improvements that won’t change a lot…
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T-SQL Tools: Simplicity for Synchronizing Changes

Target Audience: Any DBA or developer that has ever faced the problem of moving data changes across databases. Abstract: One of most common problems a DBA or database developer may face is finding and syncing data changes efficiently between multiple systems. In this session we will look into different methods focusing on effective use of…
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Columnstore Indexes: What are we waiting for?

Target Audience: DBAs and Query Optimisers – dive into the invisible part of the Columnstore Indexes. Abstract: Every time you see a Columnstore Index getting involved in the execution plan, do you realize that there are whole execution plans behind those Index Scans ? Did you ever ask yourself, what are those strange and weird…
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The Agile DBA: A Guide To Database DevOps With SSDT

Additional Resources: Slide deck and example Powershell scripts available on Github Target Audience: If you work with a development team to plan and implement database changes by hand or with third party tooling, you’ll love what Microsoft’s newest version of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) has brought to the table. This session is an introduction…
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