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Recent Session Recordings

Uptight Database Security

Target Audience: DBAs and managers that must protect sensitive business data. Abstract: Do you work for an institution that fears its DBAs could go rogue on their production databases? Do you want to revoke continuous sysadmin permissions from your DBA team in an attempt to avoid being the next WikiLeak? Do you have concerns that…
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Improving SELECT * Query Performance

Target Audience: Anyone who’s frustrated with supporting and performance tuning queries with really long SELECT lists. Abstract: You’re a DBA or Developer, and you have a gut feeling that these simple queries with an egregious number of columns in the SELECT list are dragging your server down. You’re not quite sure why, or how to…
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Effective Unit Testing for SQL Server

Target Audience: Developers and Development DBAs interested in unit testing Transact-SQL code. Abstract: There are tools available from Microsoft, as well as from a number of third party vendors, to ease the process of integrating database unit testing into your development environments and your continuous delivery pipeline. This session isn’t about any of those tools,…
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Successful production deployments with columnstore index in SQL Server 2016

Audio podcast: Enjoy the Podcast? Don’t miss an episode, subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher or RSS Leave us a review in iTunes Target Audience: Architects and DBAs Abstract: Imagine your Data Warehouse is growing exponentially to multi-terabytes and you have been tasked to make analytics queries even faster while keeping the cost of storage low.  Industry leading SQL Server 2016…
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