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What to Say

Think about answering these questions:

1. Is it clear what pain this presentation solves?

2. Is it clear who the audience is?

3. Is it clear what the audience will learn?

Be Constructive and Polite

Remember, there’s a volunteer human being on the other side of the screen.

If you’re not interested in the TOPIC, then just focus on how the abstract is written. There’s no need to tell the speaker you don’t like their area of specialty.

An (Advanced) Introduction to DAX

Target Audience: This is for business intelligence developers new to DAX formulas. Abstract: If you are planning on working with Power BI, PowerPivot, or SSAS Tabular, you are going to need to learn DAX. DAX looks like some frankenstein child of Excel formulas and SQL. Unfortunately this can lull new developers into a false sense…
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Automate the Pain Away with SQL Server 2019

The way you tune your SQL Server workloads is changing.  In the past, you would rely on dynamic management views, execution plan cache, and server-side traces or extend events.  In SQL Server 2012 we were introduced to Columnstore indexes; In SQL 2014 the cardinality estimator changed. With SQL Server 2016 we were given query store…
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Build your first bot – no code required!

Target Audience: Folks interested in getting hands-on in the emerging business trend of bots Abstract: Learn how to build a bot that will answer questions asked by users. Learn how to customise it and embed it on your website. Learn how to do all of this without having to write a single line of code.…
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Getting Data Into Power BI

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Target Audience: Business Analyst, Developers & DBAs using Power BI. Abstract: Power BI is such a powerful tool to develop visualizations. In order to display visuals, the developers of Power BI reports need to understand how data is organized in a data model. The sources vary. So examples of spreadsheets, flat tables or files and…
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Getting Started with Azure Data Factory

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Target Audience: Data integration (SSIS, DataStage, Informatica, etc.) developers, DBAs, cloud enthusiasts. Abstract: I begin by creating a Data Factory in Azure, exploring two options: using the interface provided at the Azure portal (cleverly registered as and PowerShell scripts known as Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates generated from the Azure portal. I lead you…
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Is the cloud cost effective?

Target Audience: Seniors, architects, and managers looking to make a strategic assessment about moving to the cloud Abstract: Yes, the cloud is cool. Yes, it can be easy. But… will it save or even make the company money? That is the all important question! Learning to build a financial business case for a technology decision…
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Just Enough Database Theory for Power BI

Target Audience: Power BI / PowerPivot users, preferably those that haven’t studied databases Abstract: If you come from the Excel world, chances are you learned how to deal with data via trial and error. Not knowing basics concepts like cardinality and normal form can cause a whole suite of problems, such as duplicate rows or…
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Linux OS Fundamentals for the SQL Admin

Target Audience: The target audience for this session is the Windows sysadmin or DBA. This session is for those that have little experience with Linux. Basically, you’ve installed Linux and logged in and now you want to know what to do next. Abstract: PowerShell and SQL Server are now available on Linux and management wants…
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Marketing for SQL Consultants and Business Owners

Target Audience: This session is for technical freelancers looking to grow their business and fill their pipeline. It’s also for small business owners who want to better understand how to start investing in marketing. Abstract: Pouring your heart and soul into traveling and writing, but the leads aren’t coming back to you? Finding success in…
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Polybase In Action

Target Audience: Developers and DBAs who want an easier way to query Hadoop or Azure Blob Storage data should attend. Abstract: Polybase is Microsoft’s newest way of integrating SQL Server with external systems such as Hadoop and Azure Blob Storage. In this talk, we will connect SQL Server to an on-premises Hadoop cluster as well…
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Power BI Internals: Deep Dive

Target Audience: People who want to know how Power BI really works. Abstract: One of the really frustrating things about Power BI marketing is that it’s all sizzle and no steak. We see over and over again all these pretty graphs, but rarely a discussion about what goes on underneath the hood. The fact that…
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Power BI Newbie Hour: Panel Q/A

Target Audience: Anyone with questions about the Power BI ecosystem, especially newbies. Abstract: I help run the Pittsburgh Power BI user group, and every month there are tons of questions, often very basic. Many people don’t know what Power BI is, what it’s used for, or how it compares to SSRS and other tools. This…
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Preparing your business for data science

Target Audience: Senior folks who’d be responsible for or involved in a data science initiative Abstract: So you’re thinking about doing implementing data science project in your business? You might be considering one or all of these options: Hiring a data scientist Using existing staff Engaging a consultant Like with most things in business, if…
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Query Tuning Without Production Data

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Target Audience: DBA or Database Developer who query tunes. Abstract: The DBA is constantly ringing your phone complaining about why you did not include an index to support your new stored procedure. They have full access to production and do not understand how hard it is to tune a query with an under-powered development machine…
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R for reporting

Target Audience: This talk translates a standard reporting workflow into R – it’s good for anyone involved with making reports! Abstract: R is for data science! Or is it? R is actually a really nice, practical language that you can use to do ETL and reporting. You can do it for free and you don’t…
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Scrape Reddit for Testing Data using SQL Server & Python

Target Audience: You’re the person who has to create data for your Test environments. Let’s scrape data from reddit! Abstract: You’re lucky enough to have Test environments but you don’t want to spend forever creating test data to use (because you’re not using live data right?). Let’s use SQL Server with Python to scrape data…
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Solving Power BI pain points with R

Target Audience: Power BI users looking to improve their dashboards Abstract: This session will look at how PowerBI dashboard developers can use R to solve data import and data visualisation challenges. By the end of this session, you’ll know how you can use R to connect to more data sources, do sophisticated data transformation easily,…
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SQL Server and R for real-time predictions

Target Audience: People who need to know how data science models can be put into production Abstract: Embedding your R (and soon Python!) models in SQL Server enables you to add predictive capabilities to your applications and your analytics without adding expensive components or going outside your network via expensive API calls. In this demo-packed…
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SQL Server Developer Tricks

Target Audience: SQL Developers. Minimum 2 years of working experience with SQL Server. Abstract: If you are programming with SQL Server, you ought to know how your query is being treated inside the engine. Join this session to learn some real-world developer tricks that will improve performance of your SQL workload. Understand the DO’s and…
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Think Like A Certification Exam

Target Audience: Any IT Abstract: Do you want insight into how certification exams are written, how questions are designed, and how to follow a logical process of elimination to aid you when taking the exams? We’ll go through the process of item creation, what rules writers must follow, and review some sample questions together. You’ll…
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Would you run production SQL Server on Docker?

Target Audience: For admins who have heard about Docker but aren’t sure what it’s for. Abstract: With the advent of Windows containers and SQL Server on Linux, the options for running SQL Server are growing. Should you run SQL Server on physical machines, virtualised, in the cloud or do you get with the cool kids…
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