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Boring Is Stable, Stable Is Good – SQL Server Best Practices In Practice

Have you ever wondered why there are so many, sometimes contradictory, best practices for SQL Server available on the internet? Have you considered creating your own but don’t know what to include? Then this is the session for you. Best practices are like standards – most everyone has them. But why do they look like…
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CI and CD with SSDT and Living to Tell About It - with Eitan Blumin

CI and CD with SSDT and Living to Tell about It

Target Audience: Application DBA, SQL, DevOps Abstract: Until a few years ago, it was common to have the database development lifecycle completely separate from the main application development lifecycle. While the app dev team enjoyed modern lifecycle techniques, the DBAs find themselves inventing their own solutions for things that already come pre-packaged and ready-to-use for…
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Databases 101 for the Aspiring App Dev

Target Audience: Students from high school on up, new to dealing with databases in general, or looking for a re-set of foundational database understanding. Abstract: We’ll cover what you need to know about relational databases entering a career in development, including the different kinds of databases, terminology when entering the workforce, the basics of backups,…
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Deploying SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters on VMware

Target Audience: SQL Server 2019 introduces Big Data Clusters, an exciting new feature set for managing big data environments. This session is recommended for anyone interested in learning about building and deploying this environment on-prem. Abstract: This session will walk through step-by-step deployment of a SQL Server Big Data Cluster (BDC) on VMware. During this…
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Dynamic Search Queries and How to Protect Them

Target Audience: Application DBA, SQL, T-SQL Programming, Stored Procedures Abstract: What is the solution for implementing truly dynamic search queries? Not just a stored procedure with optional parameters, but something even more dynamic than that? Let the end-user choose the exact fields and, more importantly, the operator types to use on them, in order to…
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Eight hours of work in 20 minutes – partitioning rocks

Target Audience: Database developers and database administrators with little or no experience with table partitioning. Abstract: If you ever experienced an ETL process getting slower and slower, this might be it. Partitioning and partition switching. Once an enterprise feature. Now in every edition of SQL Server. I’m going to be very hands-on. I’ll reveal some…
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How to use PowerBI as a free monitoring tool (including 5 free reports for SQL Server)

Target Audience: Accidental DBAs, DBAs with no budget or crafty professionals that want to know how to use PowerBI in a non-standard way Abstract: Power BI is a business analytics service that delivers insights to enable fast, informed decisions; we’ll use it as an (improper) free monitoring tool. Being at GroupBy, we’ll focus on SQL…
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Locks, Blocks, and Snapshots: Maximizing Database Concurrency

Target Audience: DBAs, developers, and anyone else curious about how isolation levels can affect the performance and accuracy of a query. Abstract: The ability for multiple processes to query and update a database concurrently has long-been a hallmark of database technology, but this feature can be implemented in many ways. This session will explore the…
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PowerShell for Power BI (and some ETL)

Target Audience: Power BI Developers & Workspace Curators Abstract: Power BI is design as a user-friendly GUI based tool for creating and publishing beautiful reports. Unfortunately, it was not designed to integrate well with application lifecycle management or the devops methodology. For example, manually migrating the contents of one Power BI workspace to another workspace…
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Solving the dev database problem with GitHub, Docker and PsDatabaseClone

Target Audience: Are you lumbered with a shared “Wild West” dev database? Do you struggle to manage concurrent development tasks? Developers: Is it a pain getting the dev and test environments you need, including realistic and up to date test data? DBAs: Are all these requests for dev and test databases getting in the way…
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SQL Admin Best Practices with DMVs

Target Audience: This session will be informative and eye-opening to anyone from a junior DBA on up. Abstract: In this practical and script-focused session, with roots in SQL 2005 but updated continuously thru SQL 2019, we'll discuss many best practices regarding SQL Server administration, maintenance, optimizations and monitoring using Dynamic Management Views. DMV's are essential…
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SQL Security Principals and Permissions 101

Target Audience: This session is perfect for junior DBAs, developers and system admins of on-prem and Azure-based SQL platforms. Abstract: A ground-floor introduction to SQL Server permissions starting with the basics and moving into the security implications behinds stored procedures, views, database ownership, application connections, consolidated databases, application roles and much more. Why I Want…
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SQL Server Hates You(?) – What the DBAs Never Told the Developers

Have you had performance tank despite the code working fine in another environment? Maybe heard that some SQL is bad but not why? If so, this is the session for you! This session will start with a walkthrough of some of the basic settings in SQL Server and how they affect you as a developer.…
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Tips and Tricks of a Power BI (Premium) Implementation at a Financial Institute

Target Audience: Do you consider implementing Power BI or already buying Premium capacity? Do you struggle with the number of Power BI licenses to give out? Do you struggle between tight IT-control or user-friendliness of creating workspaces? A basic knowledge of Power BI is assumed, there’s no deep technical knowledge necessary. Abstract: Back to September…
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Working with Very Large Tables Like a Pro in SQL Server 2017

Target Audience: This session is intended for database administrators and database developers, who have a basic understanding of indexes, statistics and partitioning. Abstract: A common use case in many databases is a very large table, which serves as a fact table or an activity log, with an ever-increasing date/time column. This table is usually partitioned,…
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