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Architecting Availability Groups

Target Audience: A DBA new to Availability Groups. Familiar with basic clustering and database mirroring concepts. Abstract: This session will cover the pros and cons of four typical configurations of AlwaysOn Availability Groups; stand-alone instances, fail-over cluster instances, multi-subnet, and a hybrid approach that I call disaster-recovery-on-the-cheap. It will also include their exclusive features such…
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SQL Server Containers and Clones

Target Audience: SQL Server DBAs and Developers. Abstract: Microsoft emphasizes use of containers for development and test on SQL Server 2017, and new solutions from Red Gate and Windocks add support for containers and SQL Server database cloning  for the full range of the SQL Server family. We’ll explore use of containers for delivery of…
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Be My Azure DBA (DSA)

Target Audience: Any DBA that wants to start using/looking after Azure data services. Abstract: There seems to be a common misconception that once you move from on premises SQL Server to Azure PaaS offerings a DBA is no longer required. This perception is wrong and in the session I’ll show you why. As a business…
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